Engineered Hardwood Installation

Why Purchase Engineered Hardwood Installation from Us

There are a good deal of benefits to engineered hardwood installation. We offer both solid and engineered products. While there is a difference in the products and how they are made, they are both very good investment options for many property owners. At Rock Canyon Hardwood LLC, we strive to provide the very best in terms of quality and product design. If you are looking for an exceptional product for your home capable of adding value to it, let us help you.

What Is Engineered Flooring?

Engineered hardwood flooring is a bit different than simple solid planks of wood. Instead, it is constructed of layers of hardwood as well as plywood. This creates a very different flooring product, but it also keeps the costs down significantly. Each piece has several layers of wood in it. Each layer is positioned in a different direction, giving it a strong and sturdy foundation. Engineered hardwood flooring is very durable and can be long-lasting if it is professionally placed. At Rock Canyon Hardwood LLC, we can ensure we use only the very best products, and we apply them properly to ensure the very best finished results.

There are some instances in which engineered wood is a better choice for your home than solid wood. For example, it can handle moisture better than traditional solid hardwood. It is very stable, which means it is not likely to warp or even flex like solid wood does when it comes into contact with water. For any property where there will be more moisture, talk to us about engineered hardwood installation over other products.

What Can You Expect from the Installation Process?

When you hire our team for engineered hardwood installation, our professionals will install only the very best quality in your home. You can choose the style, wood grain, and finish that applies to your needs. Our professional hardwood installation is done according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure it will last as long as expected.

Our professional hardwood installation involves many of the same steps as other products. You still get to choose the wood type and look. We still take care to install it with precision to ensure a beautiful finished result. This type of flooring can, in some cases, be finished more than once, though this depends on the actual product selected.

If you are thinking about new floors, turn to Rock Canyon Hardwood LLC to learn more about our line of engineered hardwood flooring. You may find this is the best choice for your home and for all of your specific needs. Contact us today for a quote and to see the range of products we have to offer that could be right for your home.

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